New England Patriots win big in Week 3: 10 things we liked

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

2. More sturdy play from the offensive line

Rookies Shaq Mason, Tre’ Jackson and David Andrews aren’t exactly getting the usual rookie treatment in the locker room these days. The trio has been the power plant of the Patriots’ industrial-grade offense through three weeks, and that fact was as evident as ever against the Jaguars.

LeGarrette Blount, Dion Lewis and James White totaled a handy 123 yards on the ground, in large part to the snowplowing efforts of the three rooks. Brady was dragged down a few times, but the Jaguars’ pass rush never gained too much steam.

1. Firm foot on the gas pedal

The Patriots aren’t just playing like the best team in football. They are playing like they know they are the best team in football. Putting more than a half-dollar on the board against anybody in the NFL is impressive, and the Patriots looked like they could have done more.

It’s a shame that the NFL uses this terrible Week 4 bye. You’re supposed to put your feet up when the leaves are on the ground. At least when they’re a bit more colorful.

Right now, the Patriots are grinding. We’ll see how well they play tonight, but the Green Bay Packers aren’t on the Pats’ level as the 2015 regular season exits September.