New England Patriots win big in Week 3: 10 things we liked

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

4. 400 club for Tom Brady

The man who was instrumental in driving Gostkowski’s success (putting him in position to make all those extra points) also deepened his legacy. When Tom Brady sauced a one-yard pass to Danny Amendola just before the half—in typical two-minute Tom fashion—he became the fourth arm to toss 400 touchdowns.

When Brady hit Martin for the other touchdown, he hurdled one score closer to the next quarterback on that list, Dan Marino and his 420 touchdowns. Brady is averaging three touchdowns per game thus far, so he’s on pace to pass Marino when the Patriots pay a visit to the G-Men in mid-October.

3. Defense surrendering just 50 rushing yards to three RBs

The Patriots have fixed whatever run defense issues that plagued them in the opener against Pittsburgh. On Sunday, they allowed just 50 yards rushing to the Jaguars’ backfield stable of T.J. Yeldon (33 yards), Toby Gerhart (10 yards), Corey Grant (six yards) and Bernard Pierce (just one yard).

Having Dominique Easley back in the lineup bolstered the front seven. Jamie Collins also stood out, continuing a strong start to the season that could have him ranked as one of the very top inside linebackers last season.

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