New England Patriots win big in Week 3: 10 things we liked

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

8. Devin McCourty’s pick

How fitting that McCourty got his first interception of the 2015 regular season against the quarterback that almost became his teammate six months ago. In case you didn’t remember, the Jaguars were very, very closing to signing D-Mac in free agency.

Thankfully, McCourty elected to stay in New England (after the Pats threw $47.5 million in his face). His interception yesterday was typical D-Mac; reading the quarterback and utilizing his unreal range to make a nice play on the ball.

It’s always nice when McCourty gets his mitts on the ball because he is dangerous in the open field. The Pats used him as their primary kick returner earlier in the decade.

7. Mealtime for LeGarrette Blount

It was about time that the Patriots leaned on Blount. After missing the opener due to a one-game suspension, Blount was barely used in Week 2. Instead of milking the clock by squeezing the air out of the ball, the Pats had Brady throw it 59 times against the Bills. That was not the case on Sunday.

Blount carried the pigskin 18 times, racking up 78 yards and a hat trick of touchdowns. It was the first three-touchdown outing of the veteran’s career.

The bruising style of Blount is a perfect complement to Dion Lewis’ shake-and-bake. Without a doubt, that one-two punch will be huge for the Patriots for the duration of the season.

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