New England Patriots win big in Week 3: 10 things we liked

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The New England Patriots roasted the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday by a huge margin. The final score was 51-17, but it wasn’t even that close, as the Jags scored in garbage time after the Patriots had put up the 50-burger on them.

It was one of the least-stressful Sundays for Patriots fans in recent memory. The Patriots scored some kind of points on just about all of their possessions, making for a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon of football. Here are ten things we liked from Week 3.

10. Matthew Slater’s exceptional special teams ability

To get things stared, let’s relive easily the best non-return special teams play of the season thus far.

There’s a reason why Slater has reached the Pro Bowl four years in a row. He didn’t assume the Jags would punt, anticipating the monkey business they were attempting to pull on the Pats in desperation time.

Watching on television, it was astonishing just how fast Slater closed on Corey Grant. From the moment Grant received the pitch, Slater was already making his B-line to cut him off. Impressive.

9. Involvement of new acquisition Keyshawn Martin

Not even two weeks ago, Martin was a member of the Houston Texans. Yesterday was Martin’s first game as an active Patriot, and he made Bill Belichick look pretty smart.

Martin hauled in 13-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady late in the third quarter, and he also snagged two other passes for 20 yards. What I noticed on the touchdown was Martin sticking with the play and getting open for a scrambling Brady, displaying understanding of the Patriots’ complex offense as well as good football instincts.

If Martin can carve out a role for himself in the passing offense, the Patriots’ passing game will be pretty close to unstoppable.

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