How Did The New England Patriots React To Crushing The Jaguars?

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"Sep 27, 2015; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (87) carries the ball after a catch as Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back Peyton Thompson (25), outside linebacker Dan Skuta (55), and middle linebacker Paul Posluszny (51) defend in the third quarter at Gillette Stadium. New England defeated Jacksonville 51-17. Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports Stephen Gostkowski (On if he was aware that he set the record for consecutive extra-points)  “Unfortunately, yeah, because they put it up on a ‘Jumbotron’ before the game. That’s not something I try to keep up with, but it was cool. It’s always fun to do well and win, just being on a good team that scores a lot of points. When you kick, you’re a beneficiary of opportunity. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to kick a lot of field goals, a lot of extra points. It’s fun when I get to get out there and play and do well.” (On if he looked up to guys like Adam Vinatieri and Matt Stover) “Oh yeah, for sure. [Adam] Vinatieri was the first person that seemed like a weapon as a kicker. [Matt] Stover, obviously. Just the guys that do it for a long time and do it consistently. That’s what I’m trying to do is be good every day, every time I go out there. It’s easy when it’s going good and it’s really hard when things are going bad. But you just ride the wave and try to be good as much as you can. I’ve got the best holder in the league. I’ve got a bunch of guys who are willing to block every time. We don’t take any plays off here. I guarantee you that if they even come close to getting to a ball, [the coaching staff] will yell at them pretty much all week.Joe Cardona stepped right in and has done a heck of a job snapping. Haven’t missed a beat there. It’s a good team effort. It’s just nice to be on a good team that appreciates all assets of the game. It’s cool to have kicked a ton of kicks for the New England Patriots.” (On what it’s like to be mentioned alongside the best kickers in the game)  “I don’t think about it that way. We’re 3-0. It was a great win. It’s cool to be mentioned on any kind of list. It’s something I’ll look back on when I’m done playing and maybe brag to my kids about. But right now, I’m just glad I had a good game, I’m glad we won and I look forward to the early bye week.” Rob Gronkowski (On constantly improving)  “We want to play better every single week. You never do everything totally right out there on the field and you always want to learn from your mistakes from the week before. We still have to go out there, keep on doing what we’re doing right, and keep working on what we are doing wrong.” (On the team win) “Everybody contributed for sure. Definitely a team win. Offense [played well] on their side of the ball. Defense did a great job today getting the ball back, causing turnovers, and everyone executed together. That’s what’s great about this game. Everyone working together. Running backs, receivers; a lot of people touched the ball.” (On playing 60 minutes of football)  “For sure. I would say we definitely went out and played 60 minutes of football, which is how we always need to play. It was a good game overall and definitely a team win.” Dion Lewis (On his overall thoughts on the game)  “We came out, worked hard all week, and executed perfectly on offense. We still have some things we’ve got to go over and try to work on, but we’re off to a good start.” (On preparation) “When you work hard all week and get to play the game, you want to come out here and do as good as you can. Every week we are getting better and we’ve still got work to do, but it’s a start.” (On quarterback Tom Brady)  “He’s probably the best one out there right now. He works hard, so everything that he does, we’re used to it. He’s such a great professional and a great teammate.” Keshawn Martin (On how comfortable he felt out there in his first game with the Patriots)  “I felt pretty comfortable, as far as the plays. I felt good going in. This past week, I’ve been studying my butt off just trying to get it down and everything. Going out there today I felt really good.” (On difference between Houston system and New England) “It’s different a little bit, but it’s also got some similarities. I feel like me coming here was a good thing for me, just from the similar offenses and giving me a chance to get on the field.” (On his first touchdown reception with the Patriots being Brady’s 401st career touchdown pass)  “I just really wanted to get out there and make sure I secured every catch that I had thrown my way. On the one play, it was a scramble; it was a great pass. I worked back out and I got a touchdown out of it.” Matthew Slater (On if score of the game or time of the game makes him more aware of a fake punt situation)  “Certainly. I think, situationally, you understand it. They needed a play. They needed to do something to keep themselves in the game and we were aware of that every time we went on the field. Like I said, our communication was really good and everybody being on the same page and being alert for something. Like I said, that’s really coaching and preparation throughout the course of the week.” (On the offense scoring 51 points) “Man, I don’t even think we punted today. I didn’t get a chance to cover a punt. You never really are surprised with the personnel that we have and the way that we work and the way that we’re coached. But obviously you never expect to go out there and put up those points. That’s a good football team that we played today and they’ve got a great front and they’re well-coached as well. I think that is execution and preparation and the [offensive result] is a byproduct of that.”"