New England Patriots: Stopping Allen Robinson Will Be Key


If you are a football fan with a brain, you are probably expecting the New England Patriots to annihilate the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. The Pats are better on every single level, and truly look like a well-oiled machine, ready to kill anything in its path. However this makes me a little bit nervous, because when everyone is anticipating New England to cruise, I feel like they will go out and lay a stinker. I believe the Patriots will win, and probably pretty handily, but don’t be surprised if they play down to the competition a bit, and this thing isn’t a 50-point blowout.

The number one key for the Patriots on the defensive side of the ball in this contest will be to stop wide receiver Allen Robinson. Is Robinson as dynamic as a Dez Bryant? No. Is he as dominant as a Rob Gronkowski? Absolutely not. But he is the Jaguars’ number one receiver, and he was damn explosive in their last game against the Dolphins. Robinson caught six balls for 155 yards and two touchdowns last week, as he consistently burned Miami down the field. If you take out Robinson, Jacksonville’s offense is pretty stagnant, and looks like the pathetic Jaguars offense of old.

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For the season, Robinson has 40% of the Jags’ receiving yards, and two of their three touchdowns through the air. He has excellent speed to beat corners on the outside, and he is strong enough to go up and make a play on the ball down the field. I expect the Patriots to single up Malcolm Butler on Robinson throughout this contest, but always have Devin McCourty over the top ready to help. I feel confident Tarell Brown will do a fine job on Allen Hurns, and the Pats’ front seven should wreak havoc on Blake Bortles all day.

Contain Robinson, and the Patriots should roll.