NFL power rankings Week 3: comparing with Elliot Harrison

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

<p><strong>Harrison: 27</strong></p> <p>Another September day, another blown lead, another loss has the Giants festering in the NFC East cellar with the Eagles. If I had to pick a better team, I would go with the Giants, as would Harrison. But it’s a tough call.</p> <p>Let’s remember that we are talking about arguably the streakiest team in the NFL over the past few seasons. Last year, the Giants started 0-2, then won three straight games, only to lose the next (gasp) seven games. <em>Seven games</em>.</p> <p>If it’s any consolation to Giants fans, this team will turn it around sooner or later, and they will piece together several wins in a row. But the question will be whether or not they can stay out of the L column when they’re 2-3 entering Week 6.</p>. NFC East. 0-2. New York Giants. 28. player. 31

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