NFL power rankings Week 3: comparing with Elliot Harrison

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

45. <p><strong>Harrison: 5</strong></p> <p>I place the Broncos two spots higher than Harrison solely because the Denver defense and the outstanding wideouts make-up for the side effects of an aging Hall of Fame quarterback.</p> <p>I am a proud fantasy football owner of the Denver defense, so I had no quibbles when Bradley Roby returned the Jamaal Charles fumble for the winning touchdown on Thursday night. Make that two straight games in a row for the Broncos’ defense generating points. Also, make that two games in a row for the Aqib Talib intercepting a pass; he is on pace for a very, good season.</p> <p>Remember last September when everyone was trying to shepherd Tom Brady into the retirement home? To some degree, that is happening with Peyton Manning right now. The Broncos will be fine with Manning at the controls this year, but the Broncos had better start putting plans in motion for a quarterback change sooner rather than later.</p>. AFC West. 2-0. Denver Broncos. 3. player

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