NFL power rankings Week 3: comparing with Elliot Harrison

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

<p><strong>Harrison: 9</strong></p> <p>I shove the Jets up one spot higher than Harrison does simply because of the ferocity of their defense. The Jets registered 11 hits on Andrew Luck on Monday night, and forced five turnovers as well. Darrelle Revis usually makes his living blanketing receivers, but he got his mitts on the ball three times—two heads-up fumble recoveries and an interception.</p> <p>The duo of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker also seems to be working well. Ryan Fitzpatrick had success finding both star wideouts in the end zone. Unrelenting defense and competent offense; that’s how this Jets team could stir things up in the AFC East this year. Expect them to improve to 3-0 on the year when the Eagles come to town next week.</p>. AFC East. 2-0. New York Jets. 8. player. 30

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