NFL power rankings Week 3: comparing with Elliot Harrison

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Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

player. 60. <p><strong>Harrison: 16</strong></p> <p>A very interesting Week 3 matching will be the Vikings and Chargers (who you will read about in the next slide) pitting wits in San Diego. The Vikings have a shot to really launch up these NFL power rankings, and those of Harrison as well, if they are able to shove the Chargers to 1-2 on the road.</p> <p>One of the best plays of Week 2 was Teddy Bridgewater’s nifty flip to Adrian Peterson just before he got sacked. It was a display of exceptional awareness on the part of Bridgewater, and if continues to make plays like that, the Vikings will have to be regarded as the next-best team in the AFC North after Green Bay.</p> <p>Speaking of Peterson, he played more like himself in Week 2, totaling 192 yards from scrimmage in the win.</p>. NFC North. 1-1. Minnesota Vikings. 15

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