NFL power rankings Week 3: comparing with Elliot Harrison

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

20. player. 53. <p><strong>Harrison: 25</strong></p> <p>The Browns that showed up against Tennessee in Week 2 are the Browns that were 7-4 at one point last season. I slot Cleveland this high because they were clicking on all cylinders on Sunday, proving that when they are at their best, the Browns are in the top half of the NFL. But since their lousy opener is still fresh in the mind, I keep them at No. 20; obviously, Harrison doesn’t see it that way.</p> <p>Only the Patriots racked up more sacks (8) than the Browns (7) last week. They also forced a trio of fumbles, putting the ball in the hands of Johnny Manziel a few extra times.</p> <p>And Johnny made the most of those turnovers, tossing two beautiful long touchdown throws to Travis Benjamin. Aiding Johnny was the run game, which finally grew into its own with Isaiah Crowel and Duke Johnson combining for 115 yards and a touchdown on the 27 carries between the two of them.</p>. NFC North. 1-1. Cleveland Browns

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