New England Patriots Defeat Buffalo Bills 40-32


Maybe the Bills shouldn’t talk so much trash next time.

After a week of non-stop bashing of Tom Brady and the Patriots, Buffalo got what was coming to them, as Brady threw for 466 yards, and dropped 40 points on what some believe is the best defense in the NFL. New England kind of fell asleep at the wheel late, and let the Bills back into the game, but a clutch drive by Brady at the end of the fourth quarter sealed the win for the Pats.

The Patriots’ gameplan was exactly what we figured it would be, as they simply spread Buffalo out, and let Brady go to work. Rob Gronkowski caught 7 balls, Julian Edelman caught 11, Aaron Dobson got 7, and running back Dion Lewis came up with 6 receptions. It was an overall dominant performance from the Patriots’ offense, as they showed why they just might be the best unit in the league right now. I was particularly impressed with the offensive line, as they absolutely destroyed the Bills’ “elite” pass rush, essentially only giving up one late sack (the first one was a Brady scramble after getting plenty of time to throw the ball).

If the offensive line keeps playing this well, the Pats will be even more unstoppable than we all thought in 2015. Big props to all the big boys up front.

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Despite being down by as much as 24 points, Tyrod Taylor and the Bills’ offense didn’t quite, putting up three straight scores before Brady and company put a stop to that at the very end. You have to give them credit for not giving, but at the end of the day, the Patriots were the better team.

The Pats’ defense definitely relaxed too much in the fourth, but they were terrific for a majority of this game, as they sacked Taylor a whopping eight times. The secondary was burned at times, but that comes with the territory of losing your top three corners from a year ago.

New England is 2-0. Tom Brady is on fire. RIP the NFL.