NFL Power Rankings: pre-Week 2 Edition

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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

10. <p>The Texans need to figure out who their quarterback is going to be, and soon. To add another layer to the competition, Ryan Mallet led the Texans on two scoring drives in the last six minutes yesterday. Nate Washington and DeAndre Hopkins combined for 17 receptions, 203 yards and two touchdowns, indicating that they can carry the load in the passing game if the Texans can field consistent quarterback play.</p> <p>J.J. Watt continued to cement himself as the defensive equivalent of Rob Gronkowski. Watt managed to sack Alex Smith without his helmet, looking every bit the NFL’s most ferocious player. Don’t look now, but Watt is on pace for 32 sacks this season.</p>. AFC South. 0-1. Houston Texans. 19. player

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