NFL Week One From A New England Patriots Perspective


Since the New England Patriots played on Thursday this week, opening Sunday might not feel as awesome for us Super Bowl-winning fans. However there is still plenty of good football to watch today, and a lot of Patriots connections.

Here are my thoughts on today’s games from a Patriots perspective.

1. Colts, Broncos Have Tough Matchups

Looking ahead, two teams that will probably be fighting with the Patriots all year for home-field advantage will be the Colts and Broncos, specifically Indianapolis. The Colts have a very easy schedule this year, which has caused many analysts to believe they will emerge with the top record in the AFC.

However their matchup today with Buffalo will not be an easy one, and I actually think the Bills will pull off the upset. Pats fans should be big Rex Ryan supporters today, because any loss the Colts suffer helps New England in the long run.

2. Division Rivals

I already touched on the Bills, but looking at the Dolphins and Jets, I wouldn’t be too enthused as Patriots fans. Will the Jets win? Probably not, but there is no way in hell they will challenge New England this year for the AFC East crown, so I honestly could care less (obviously I’ll always hope the Jets lose, just because they’re the Jets).

Looking at Miami’s matchup, I have a hard time seeing them drop a game to the lowly Redskins, but hey, crazier things have happened in the NFL.

3. Houston

The Texans are pretty much the Patriots of the South, and for that reason, I will be rooting for them all season long. Vince Wilfork, Brian Hoyer, Matt Vrabel, Ryan Mallett, and Bill O’Brien are all former Patriots, and I like how that team is looking heading into the 2015 season.

Not only do I like Houston because there are so many former Pats players there, but I think they will do some damage in the AFC this year. That defensive front is terrifying, Hoyer is a capable quarterback, and they have a dynamic wideout in DeAndre Hopkins waiting to take the league by storm. It should be a fun year for those boys down in Texas.