Tom Brady is a free man: 4 reasons why New England Patriots fans are ecstatic

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Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

1. We get to see Brady add to his legend

One of the other disappointments when the four-game suspension was handed down in May was the fact that we wouldn’t get to see arguably the best quarterback ever play until October. That would have been a real shame.

At age 38, Brady is no spring chicken. While I think that he will play into his 40s, the fact remains that the odds are against him. Any and all games that we get to see Brady play in from here on out must be cherished.

More than just watching Brady play, however, is watching him add to his legend. As if Brady’s career needed another layer, defeating Goodell in court has done that; running train on the NFL in his 16th season would only depend Brady’s legacy.

Speaking of legacy, let’s clear the record here: Brady’s legacy is secure. I’m going to go out on a limb here and contend that if a federal judge sides with your argument, you are in the right. And Judge Berman didn’t touch Goodell’s stuff with a ten-foot pole, as evidenced by his questioning of the “independent” investigation carried out by the league.

There you have it. Patriots fans have plenty to be excited about regarding the news about Mr. Brady.

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