Tom Brady is a free man: 4 reasons why New England Patriots fans are ecstatic

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

2. Brady is angrier than ever

Brady may have finally dusted the dirt off his name that was thrown by Roger Goodell, but the fact remains that he endured a lot of heat this offseason. A lot of unnecessary, undeserved heat. And he’s still mad about that, have no doubt.

Any Patriots fan knows that an angry Brady is a good Brady. Any non-Patriots fan should know that angering Brady will almost always lead to their team losing. How the NFL didn’t know this when they went about their mission of destroying Brady and the Patriots this offseason, I have no clue.

Brady will play with a certain fire in 2015 that will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Unlike most Super Bowl champions, Brady and the Patriots haven’t been given much respect for, oh I don’t know, winning the Super Bowl last season. All the talk has been about them cheating here, cheating there, cheating everywhere. Pats fans are sick of it, the Pats are sick of it and most of all, Brady is sick of it.

Unlike us couch-dwelling fans, Brady can actually channel that anger into something of substance: winning. And winning, he will do. I don’t want to jinx anything, but I will say this: the chances of the Patriots recording a perfect season—one that is perfect through February—have never been higher than they are right now because of Brady’s anger. The thought of Goodell handing him the Super Bowl MVP trophy will drive him from the first snap against the Steelers.

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