Tom Brady is a free man: 4 reasons why New England Patriots fans are ecstatic

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In case you have been living under a rock during the past 24 yours, here’s some news: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has has defeated NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in federal court. His ridiculous four-game suspension has been wiped out, and the NFL has finally been reprimanded (at least somewhat) for its terrible handling of the Deflategate ordeal. Yes and yes.

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For Patriots fans, the months following the glory of Super Bowl XLIX have been anything but boring. The fan base has been under fire from the other 31 groups of fans, taking broadsides shots (“Cheaters!”) and adjusting to the thought of seeing No. 12 sidelined for the first month.

But no more. The ruling in favor of Brady has re-invigorated the fan base, and it couldn’t come at a better time. Read on for six reasons why Patriots fans are exuberant at this moment in time.

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