New England Patriots: 6 bold predictions for 2015

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3. Danny Amendola will lead Patriots WRs with 10 touchdowns

Without a doubt, Rob Gronkowski will have more touchdowns than any Patriots’ pass-catcher. But leading the wideouts in scores will be Amendola.

Let’s remember that at this time last year, Amendola’s spot on the roster wasn’t safe. And when he did make the team, the former Ram wasn’t exactly the most explosive player, catching just 27 passes for 200 yards and a touchdown in the regular season.

But then the playoffs rolled around, and Amendola salvaged not only his career, but also his standing in the eyes of Patriots fans. In addition to accumulating 137 yards receiving on 11 catches in the three postseason affairs, Amendola notched two touchdowns against the Ravens in the Divisional Round and a vital touchdown in the Super Bowl to help cut into the ten-point deficit the Pats were facing in the fourth quarter.

During the preseason, Amendola has done two things that no other returning Patriots receiver has done: stayed healthy and played consistently. All of a sudden, Amendola is the most dependable wideout with Julian Edelman and Brandon LaFell sidelined.

You’re probably thinking that when Edelman and LaFell return there won’t be much room for Amendola in the passing game. Well, that’s the thing—opposing defenses will have to worry about so much when facing the Pats (the twin tower tight end group of Gronk and Scott Chandler, Edelman, LaFell and so on) that Amendola will find himself open relatively often, especially in the red zone.

So there you have it. Amendola will only catch about 40 passes, but one-fourth of them will be touchdowns.

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