New England Patriots: A Few Thoughts On The Reggie Wayne Signing


Yesterday the New England Patriots signed former Colts receiver Reggie Wayne to a one year deal for this upcoming season. Wayne was in Foxboro for a physical, so this news really doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

Here are a few quick thoughts on the signing:

1. Screw The Colts

Honestly, I think this is more of a “screw you” to the Colts than anything else. Yes, they needed the depth, especially with Brandon Gibson tearing his ACL, but at this point in his career, I don’t think Wayne is going to make a giant impact on the field. However it has to hurt Colts fans to see their longtime star join with their enemy, especially since he now has a legit chance to get another ring (which he didn’t have in Indy).

2. Depth

As I just mentioned, the Patriots did need to make a move at receiver for depth, because they are currently dealing with a lot of injuries at the top of the depth chart. Julian Edelman, Aaron Dobson, and Brandon LaFell are currently sidelined, and Brandon Gibson is done for the year. If LaFell has to start the season on the PUP list, Wayne will come in handy for the Pats, particularly if Dobson can’t stay healthy once again throughout 2015.

3. How Much Does He Have Left?

Before the AFC Championship game last year, I went through and watched a bunch of Reggie Wayne film in preparation of the Colts-Pats bout, and I came away kind of depressed. Wayne was one of the best wideouts of this generation, but towards the end of 2014, he just couldn’t get it done anymore. He was slow, couldn’t explode out of his routes, and just failed to separate. When he was matched up with Chris Harris in the divisional playoff game in Denver, Harris looked bored out there. I hope with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady by his side, Wayne can turn back the clock this season.

4. Veteran Leadership

This is kind of a cliche thing to talk about, but Wayne will bring a veteran leadership to this team that is kind of lacking. Tom Brady is now not the only player over 35 years of age on this squad, and I think that will help this younger receiving corps down the road. Hell, it might even help the secondary, as even though Wayne’s physical skills aren’t where they used to be, he is still a savvy veteran, and he will teach the young guys in the defensive backfield a thing or two this season.