Jamie Collins: 3 reasons why you should be all-in on No. 91

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3. He is extremely athletic

Let’s start where it all began for Collins as an NFL player: the combine. In February of 2013, Collins made jaws drop with his performance.

He led all linebacker prospects that season with an 11’7 broad jump. That speaks for itself.

And when he was tasked with jumping high after jumping long, Collins didn’t bat an eye. He posted an incredible 41.5 inch vertical leap, only an inch away from breaking the record of 42.5 inches.

Lastly, his 40-yard dash time was 4.64 seconds, which was one of the fastest among linebackers that winter. We can look back on Collins’ excellent performance in the 2013 combine as a foreshadowing of the freak athleticism he would display right away in the NFL.

As if we needed another reminder of Collins’ scary athleticism after watching him block field goals, deflect passes and drag players down for losses, he did this:

If football stops working out for Collins, the U.S. gymnastics team might come calling.

Read on for another reason why you should be all-in on Collins this season.

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