Ranking the top 12 NFL uniforms

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

5. Kansas City Chiefs

Overall uniform: 9

Color jersey: 8.75

White uniform: 9.25

Alternate uniform: 9.00 

No team wears red better than the Chiefs, and it’s because they’ve been wearing red pretty much the same way since their inception in 1960.

The simple red-on-white with the arrowhead logo on the helmet is clean look if there ever was one. It barely misses the 9.00 grade, but that’s not the case for the Chiefs’ white jersey.

When the Chiefs wear white, they are just about always the best-looking team on the field. Their white-on-white look is arguably the best all-white uniform in the league. The red helmet over the whites is natural.

As a Patriots fan, I will never forget the shellacking the Pats got at the hands of the Chiefs back in Week 4 of 2014. It was an utter and complete embarrassment on Monday Night Football; the Chiefs out-did the Pats in everything from X’s and O’s to uniforms. The Chiefs sported their all-red look for just the second time in franchise history, and it paid off.

The Chiefs squeak into the top five as a result of their minimalist employment of the color yellow. The yellow trim used on the numbers, pants and socks score big points.

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