Ranking the top 12 NFL uniforms

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

7. Buffalo Bills

Overall grade: 8.83

Color uniform: 8.50

White uniform: 9.00

Alternate uniform: 9.00

After playing with the worst uniforms in the NFL from 2002-2010, the Bills finally revamped their color scheme. And they did a really good job.

Red, white and blue. No team in the NFL matches the colors of the American flag better than these wagon-circlers.

The Bills’ color uniform features a sharp blue jersey between that white helmet and white pants. The color jersey drags the Bills below the 9.00 grade because it is slightly plain, but there’s nothing all that wrong with it.

The Bills rival a few teams that you will read about later in this slideshow with their all-white duds. It is a classic look, reminiscent of the Bills’ old AFL days. Whenever a team pays homage to their roots, they score points in the uniform department.

The blue pants the Bills wear every now and then, both with the white jersey and the blue, are awesome. The blue really stands out next to the white, and the red trim down the sides are a great touch.

Don’t be surprised if the Bills get bold in a few years and introduce an alternate red jersey.

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