Ranking the top 12 NFL uniforms

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Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

9. Carolina Panthers

Overall grade: 8.67

Color uniform: 8.25

White uniform: 8.00

Alternate uniforms: 9.50 

If it weren’t for their pair of outstanding alternate looks, the Panthers would still look like the year 1996. Their black jerseys on silver pants are solid, but the white-on-white takes us back to the Clinton administration. It’s not bad enough to warrant a grade below 8.00, but it’s the alternate jerseys that pull the Panthers’ weight in this ranking of NFL uniforms.

The all-black jerseys were voted the greatest in NFL history by fans a few years back, and with good reason. It is the best all-black combination in the league, and the second-best black jersey behind a team that you have yet to read about.

The Panthers’ official website tells us that the black shirt will be worn six times this season, the white seven and the alternate blues three (against the Jaguars and then the Cowboys on Thanksgiving). We don’t know yet when the black pants will be broken out.

Those light blue alternates are also really cool. They are the second-best light/powder blue garments in the NFL. If the Panthers took my advice, they would wear the blues in six games on top of silver pants, and the all-blacks in the three other games.

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