Ranking the top 12 NFL uniforms

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Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

11. New England Patriots

Overall grade: 8.50

Color uniform: 9.00

White uniform: 8.00

Alternate uniform: N/A

If it weren’t for the NFL making the puzzling decision of outlawing alternate helmets in 2013, the Patriots would be in the top five. But because the old Pat Patriot helmets aren’t allowed anymore, the team had to retire the red throwbacks entirely; those uniforms would have received a perfect 10.00.

The Patriots’ blue-on-silver uniforms are one of the best home sets in the league. The navy and silver combination is easy on the eyes.

When the Pats hit the road, they don’t look as good as they do at home. There’s nothing wrong with the white jerseys, but the navy pants are a bit of a force. Maybe the Pats will introduce red pants to go with the white shirts; that could be pretty cool.

If Nike isn’t going to bring back the red throwbacks, then they should at least revive the silver alternates that the Patriots sported in the middle of the 2000s. Only one team wears silver on occasion (the Seahawks), so this would be a point of differentiation in the Patriots’ uniform set.

There’s a lot of potential with the Patriots’ color scheme. Let’s hope that the away jersey gets improved and the silver alternates get brought back.

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