Ranking the top 12 NFL uniforms

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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

12. Philadelphia Eagles

Overall grade: 8.50

Color uniform: 8.00

White uniform: 8.00

Alternate uniform: 9.50

Let’s start with the basic truth here: the Eagles are the only team that sports midnight green. The Jets and Packers wear dark green, but neither of those shades of dark green look as good as Philly’s version.

There’s not too much to distinguish between the Eagles’ color and white tops. The dark green looks sharp on white pants, and the white looks sharp on dark green pants. And the all-whites are fine too.

However, while the midnight green and white mesh well, these aren’t the flashiest of jerseys. They are above average, but it is the black alternates, in particular the all-black, that separate the Eagles from the other 20 teams in the NFL.

In the future, Nike should consider an alternate grey jersey. After all, grey is part of the Eagles’ color scheme, albeit minor. Grey streaks appear on the sides of the pants.

If the Eagles wanted to break the top ten of NFL uniforms, they would switch to their old kelly green get-ups. This time last year, the team was reportedly considering them. Midnight green may be a unique color in the NFL, but kelly green would be one of the best jerseys overall.

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