Ranking the top 12 NFL uniforms

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

2. San Francisco 49ers

Overall grade: 9.50

Color uniform: 9.50

White uniform: 9.50

Alternate uniform: N/A

With the 49ers, it’s all about the history of their namesake. “49ers” refers to the 1849 gold rush, so it only makes sense that gold works naturally into the team’s color scheme. Mix that sunny Californian gold with that crisp red, and you have the second-best uniforms in the NFL.

The 49ers score points for simplicity. Gold doesn’t appear on either of their home or away jerseys; only red and white are featured. However, the pants remain gold wherever they play.

Thankfully, the 49ers have smartened up since the Steve Young era. Back in the 1990s, the 49ers were keen on incorporating black into their color scheme for some weird reason, and they also sported white pants. The team was wise to return to their roots in the 2000s, as no other team can pull-off wearing red and gold.

The 49ers’ overall grade is helped by the absence of alternate or throwback jersey. If they did incorporate an alternate (like a black jersey between the gold helmet and gold pants), their average would surely fall.

They may have seen a bunch of starters on defense depart this offseason, but at least the 49ers have some sweet uniforms. However, they are not the best-looking team in the Bay Area.

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