Ranking the top 12 NFL uniforms

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Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

4. San Diego Chargers

Overall grade: 9.08

Color uniform: 8.25

White uniform: 9.00

Alternate uniform: 10.00 

The powder blue alternate jersey the Chargers whip out twice a year lifts their average into the top four of NFL uniforms. It’s only a matter of time until the Chargers set aside their navy blue color jerseys and adopt the powder blues full-time.

Those powder blues are the only perfect 10 that I have given out in this entire ranking. Maybe the Chargers don’t use them as their regular home jersey because they are so good; maybe they want to keep them special, who knows.

An interesting side note about the powder blues: the Chargers almost always wear them at home against the Raiders.

Alright, enough about the powder blues. The Chargers score big with their white jersey, especially when they wear them on top of white pants. San Diego boasts one of the best all-white looks in the league, if not the best.

The navy jerseys are nothing to write home about, mainly because navy doesn’t really suit the San Diego lifestyle. Who wants to wear a dark blue, almost black, shirt on a beach day? Nonetheless, the navy suits the team’s color scheme well, which is why it doesn’t detract too much from the Chargers’ overall grade.

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