New England Patriots: former players they will face in 2015

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

There are a total of four former Patriots on the Jets’ roster right now. That is not a coincidence; both members of this heated rivalry like to draw players from the other side.

Darrelle Revis

Of course, Revis jumping ship after earning a Super Bowl ring with the Patriots was one of the stories of the offseason. He joins a revamped New York secondary that is honestly a bit daunting with all the new fixtures the Jets have recently collected.

Stevan Ridley

No longer will Patriots fans have to lose sleep over Ridley’s fumbling issues, as that is the Jets’ problem now. It’s unclear how much of a role Ridley will have after tearing his ACL early in 2014, but expect the Jets to feed him the ball in both games against the Patriots this season.

Steve Maneri

The Patriots brought Maneri on as a blocking tight end in 2014. He appeared in just one game, and the ball was thrown his was once. Maneri’s time in New England was short-lived and insignificant. He will aim to prove his former team wrong this season, but I’m not very concerned about him blowing the top off the Pats’ defense.

Zach Sudfeld

You may remember that Sudfeld was all the rage in New England at this time two years ago. He was being labeled as a deep sleeper by fantasy football experts, and the Patriots gave him a hefty signing bonus considering he went undrafted that spring. Unfortunately for Sudfeld, he tore his ACL in minicamp this June, so he won’t be playing any football in 2015.

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