New England Patriots: former players they will face in 2015

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Steven Ryan-USA TODAY Sports

The nature of the NFL is one of business. Players come, players go; loyalty is at a scarcity. One of the byproducts of constant personnel exchanging is players regularly facing their former teams, and visa versa. The New England Patriots are as familiar with this song and dance as anyone.

Once a player enters Foxboro, he is forever marked with the Patriot Way. The culture within the confines of Gillette Stadium sticks with a player even when they’re playing for a new team. So when that player faces the Patriots in a meaningful game, it’s fun to watch.

Of the 13 regulars season opponents the Patriots will encounter in the 2015 regular season, seven have at least one former Patriot on their roster. Today, we’re going to find out exactly who those players are and take a look at their careers, both in New England and out.

This article does not include players who did not log a snap with the Patriots. For example, Tennessee Titans defensive back Jemea Thomas does not appear on this list because he was cut after training camp last summer. So you get the idea; this is a compilation of players who have actually helped the Patriots win real football games.

There are no former Patriots on the Steelers, Cowboys, Dolphins, Redskins, Eagles and Titans, so those games are skipped in this slideshow.

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