New England Patriots training camp: power ranking the wide receivers

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Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon LaFell. 2. player. 47. <p>Currently on the PUP list due to a foot injury, LaFell’s status as the Patriots’ No. 2 receiver is secure despite the fact that he isn’t practicing. It’s more likely than not that the Patriots put him on the PUP as a precautionary measure, as once a player starts practicing he cannot be placed on the list (he can be taken off and start practicing at any time).</p> <p>Fantasy football players should keep LaFell on their radar. In an offense that has Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman, LaFell is often an afterthought for opposing defenses, even though he’s a dangerous weapon in his own right.</p>. LSU. Exp: 6th year

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