Julian Edelman injury scare at New England Patriots training camp


As of this writing, the New England Patriots are wrapping up their fourth day of training camp. And there’s some bad news: Julian Edelman has hurt his ankle. We don’t know the extent of this injury yet—it could just be a rolled ankle—but right now, it could be anything.

Steve Balestrieri was the first tweeter I noticed reporting the development.

Here are a few pictures taken by those in attendance:

It would be extremely bad news if Edelman significantly hurt his ankle. After Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, he is the best player on the Patriots’ offense.

Should Edelman miss much time, it will be up to Danny Amendola to pick up the slack. In addition, free agent signing Brandon Gibson would have a better shot at making the team since his skill set fits the slot receiver role.

Now, we should take this development with a grain of salt. Injuries happen in training camp as players’ bodies adjust to the grind of practice. We’re also 39 days out from Week 1, so Edelman has plenty of time to recuperate should this be bad news.

And if there’s one tough player on the Patriots’ roster, it’s Edelman, so if the injury is nothing major he should be good to go sooner rather than later. Not many wide receivers bounce off Kam Chancellor the way Edelman did in the Super Bowl and live to tell the tale.

Still, this is worrying. Edelman entered a new realm of fan appreciation for his heroic efforts in the 2015 playoffs (really, he should have been the MVP in Super Bowl XLIX).

Before hurting his ankle, Edelman had been tearing it up at practice today.

Stay tuned.

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