New England Patriots training camp: 4 returning veterans in danger of getting cut

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4. Michael Hoomanawanui

Hooman is a classic Bill Belichick player. He quietly goes about his business, works hard and succeeds in his clear-cut role.

Wait, that’s the wrong tense. It should be “succeeded”… not “succeeds”.

You see, the days of Hooman’s outstanding blocking are dwindling. Hooman’s rare contributions in the passing game (when he catches a pass, you can look up in the sky and see a pig flying) weren’t an issue when he was blocking so well. But now that his blocking ability is tailing off, we have a problem.

Here is what’s Cameron Doherty had to say about that problem:

"Last season Hooman missed so many blocks and just looked lost out there at times. What Hooman was once only good for he can’t do any longer. Belichick may have a not so hard decision to make. With guys like Rob Gronkowski, Scott Chandler and even rookie A.J. Derby ahead of him on the depth chart, it’s hard to see how Hooman will fit in. He can’t do anything anymore. Gronkowski and Chandler are both fantastic blockers. Derby, who isn’t the best blocker, is a natural pass catcher who will find a role on this team."

What puts Hooman in such a tough spot is the introduction of Derby into the tight end competition. With two excellent blockers already on the depth chart, the Patriots may decide to keep the promising rookie instead of the declining veteran.

In short, Hooman is in danger of getting cut because the Patriots may not need the skill set that Hooman can no longer offer at a high level.

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