Deflategate: 4 good things about Tom Brady’s suspension

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Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

4. Brady won’t get hurt in September

Every opening game, Patriots fans are reminded of the painful 2008 opener against the Kansas City Chiefs in which Brady tore his ACL. That sick feeling every Pats fan got by seeing a winged Brady in the September sun will stick with the fan base as long as Brady is the starting quarterback.

At least we won’t have that worry about that this year.

In fact, this suspension could lengthen Brady’s career. Not only will Brady be sitting safely on the bench for these first four games, but he will be practicing regularly, which will keep his muscles and bones limber for his Week 6 debut. Know this: Brady will enter that gargantuan matchup against the Indianapolis Colts in top form. He will be ready to go.

Brady is about to turn 38; every snap he doesn’t take lengthens his career. Two, three, four years down the road, we might look back on Deflategate as one of the reasons why Brady played into his 40s.

Any other season, Brady missing four games would be a result of him getting injured and the Patriots would be left largely unprepared. Not this year, as right this minute the Patriots are implementing non-Brady game plans for the first month of the season. Speaking of that non-Brady guy…

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