Complete Deflategate Report: Tom Brady’s Four Game Suspension Upheld by NFL and More


Bad news for Patriots fans broke Tuesday afternoon when Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reported that the NFL decided to stand by its original decision and uphold Tom Brady’s four game suspension for “Deflategate.”

The final decision was made by the league’s commissioner, Roger Goodell. In his twenty page decision, Goodell stated that Tom Brady “engaged in conduct detrimental to the integrity of….the game of professional football,” and that his “suspension is confirmed.”

Feb 2, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (left) and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell pose with the Pete Rozelle trophy during the Super Bowl XLIX-Winning Head Coach and MVP Press Conference at Media Center-Press Conference Room B. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

One huge factor in Goodell’s decision was the fact that Brady seemed to be uncooperative with the league during its investigation. In fact, Goodell writes that Brady “destroyed” his cell phone after investigators requested to see it in order to gather information from the text messages. During the hearing, Brady claimed that he always destroys his old cell phones once he gets a new one.

This decision will result in Brady not competing in a Patriots uniform until they take on the Indianapolis Colts on October 18th. He will also lose $1.88 million according to Darren Rovell with ESPN.

However, Brady is not going to go down easy, he is a competitor and he wants to be out on the field when the season starts. Soon after the league announced that it was upholding the suspension, the NFLPA released a statement defending Brady and saying that it will “appeal this outrageous decision on behalf of Tom Brady.”

Later, the Patriots also released a statement after the decision by the league was made. In that statement, the Patriots said that they are “extremely disappointed in today’s ruling by Commissioner Goodell” and that they “support Tom Brady” throughout the ordeal.

Now we know that the next part of the Deflategate saga will be taking place in federal court as Tom Brady and the NFLPA go up against Roger Goodell and the league. While this may seem like a valiant effort by Brady to get back on the field, most legal experts believe that the league will actually win the case, and that Brady would be better off to just serve his suspension.

Either way, I’m sure this isn’t the last we will be hearing about “Deflategate,” and I can’t wait to see how it ends.