DeflateGate: Ravens, Colts Want Tom Brady To Stay Suspended


The least surprising news of the weekend was the report that said the Ravens and Colts were the two teams that are most vocal against Tom Brady and the Patriots. The Colts were the ones that started this whole ridiculous controversy, and the Ravens repeatedly whine to the NFL about rule changes when they can’t beat New England year after year.

Via Tom Curran of CSNNE:

"Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti and Colts owner Jim Irsay are the two most vocal owners arguing against the NFL reducing Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, according to ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio."

So just to be clear: the two teams that can’t beat the Patriots year after year, and continually whine to the league about not being as good as them want Tom Brady to be suspended for as long as possible?


That’s what happens when you are the best team in the league over a 14 year period. Teams like the Ravens and Colts that can’t find ways to beat the better squads complain and complain, and now they have a chance to be even bigger losers and try to lobby Roger Goodell to keep Brady off the field for four games. This of course only strengthens Tom Brady’s case in court, which should expedite the process of getting him back on the field sooner.

It’s actually ironic, because in a way, these owners lobbying Goodell to keep the suspension are really helping Brady, because in court, this will be used in a huge way to prove once again the NFL was not independent in this investigation.

On another note, one of the franchises I actually respect, the Steelers, have came out in support of Brady, as they want him back on the field in time for the season opener.

Via ProFootballTalk:

"Tom Brady has support from more than the NFLPA in his appeal of his #DeflateGate suspension.The Steelers say they want him to win, or at least they say so in public.According to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a number of Steelers said they hoped Brady prevailed in his appeal so he’d be on the field against them in the Sept. 10 opener."