Tarell Brown signs with New England Patriots: re-ordering cornerback depth chart

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10. Jimmy Jean

9. Justin Green

8. Derek Cox

7. Darryl Roberts

The introduction of Brown into the cornerback competition only decreases the chances of these four players making the roster.

Although he’s an intriguing prospect at 6-foot-3, Jean has something working against him that most undrafted rookies don’t have to worry about: age. At 26, Jean is older than half of the players on the Patriots’ roster. Don’t completely rule him out, but view Jean as a very long shot to make the 53-man roster, and a toss-up to land on the practice squad.

Green is placed a notch above Jean because he has experience in the Patriots’ system, which is something that none of the players in this section of the depth chart can say. If Green is going to squeak on to the roster, it will be a result of his special teams ability, which is his bread and butter. But there will be plenty of other players from different positions vying for those precious few special teams spots, so the cards are stacked against Green right now.

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Although he’s above Jean and Green on this depth chart, Cox is perhaps the most affected by the signing of Brown. He’s actually two years younger than Brown, but Cox is broadly viewed as washed-up at this point in his career after quick stops in Baltimore and Minnesota last summer. Think of Cox as the least-desirable veteran the Patriots have signed this offseason.

Seventh-round pick Roberts has the best chance of clawing his way on to the roster out of this group. He’s long, sticky in coverage and offers good ball skills. However, it will come down to a numbers game as to whether or not Roberts will make the 53-man roster, as three returning Patriots corners (those are hard to come by these days) as well as three proven free agent additions stand ahead of him on the depth chart.

A redshirt year on the practice squad wouldn’t be a bad thing for Roberts.

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