Miami Dolphins chat with PhinPhanatic editor Brian Miller

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CF: Speaking of pass catchers, how much of a role will Jordan Cameron have in 2015?

BM: I like the concept of Cameron a lot more than Charles Clay who I view as good but not great. Cameron has the potential to be great if he can play like he did in 2013 with the Browns. Cameron gives the Dolphins a legit big body tight-end seam threat and a red-zone threat. In 2014 the Dolphins were the best team in the NFL in getting into the red-zone but Miami was unable to turn those trips into points and thus fell far out of the scoring rankings. Cameron could be the answer to the problem and if he can stay healthy he will become a big threat in this offense.

CF: Are you all-in on Tannehill? Is he worth that big contract?

BM: Absolutely. Tannehill has improved more than any other NFL quarterback over the same time period. That does not make him elite by any means nor would I rank him there but the commitment to Tannehill shows the Dolphins are expecting him to not only improve but to take a step towards to being elite. This year he will have more weapons at his disposal and I think he will have a much better rapport with his receiving unit than he has in the past.

CF: Give us your best- and worst-case scenario predictions for the Dolphins in 2015

BM: The best case and what is expected is a playoff appearance. The Dolphins want to not only make the playoffs but win the division. A strong start to this season will be mandatory as the top half of their schedule is weaker than the latter half. 10-6 is the best I can see the Dolphins doing and a lot of that hinges on the health and contributions of the new additions to the team as well as the maturation of Tannehill.

Worst case scenario is 8-8 and if the Dolphins can’t get past that mark it’s safe to assume that Joe Philbin will not be back. The Dolphins have a tough 2nd half season and in the past three years have faltered severely down the stretch costing them real opportunity to make the post-season.

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