New York Jets Q&A with JetPress editor Luis Tirado Jr., July Edition

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CF: How much of an impact will Sheldon Richardson’s four-game suspension have on the Jets in the first month of 2015?

LT: It will definitely have a major impact since Sheldon Richardson is one of the top defensive performers on the Jets. He made a boneheaded move that came at a terrible time since optimism is high with the leadership change and all the new solid talent across the team. It also hurts his chances to get a massive contract down the road from the Jets when it’s time to see how to handle his contract situation in the future. This does however give a great opportunity to Leonard Williams to prove his worth as a rookie and show why he’s a first-round draft choice. I think Richardson will regret getting suspended since it gives his competition a chance to step up and deliver when his team needs it most.

CF: As the Jets shift away from the culture Rex Ryan instilled in the locker room and welcome Todd Bowles, how do you think the team will self-identify?

LT: New head coach Todd Bowles is a welcomed and refreshing change from Rex Ryan. He’s more professional and brings an old-school mentality to have integrity and hard work be what defines his players. He’s already been impressing many with how he’s been handling the team and media of New York. Unlike Ryan, he’s not claiming the Jets are onto the Super Bowl this year or trying to go after Belichick’s championship rings, he’s just saying and doing all the right things considering it’s his first year on the job trying to turn the team from pretenders to contenders again.

CF: Give us your best- and worst-case scenario predictions for the Jets this season.

LT: I personally predict the Jets will go 10-6 as long as their quarterback situation is average at best. I don’t see Smith emerging into the next top quarterback in the NFL but I believe whether it’s him or Ryan Fitzpatrick under center, Gailey will make a simplified offense that yields decent results. The Jets’ defense is what will win them plenty of games this upcoming season so I’m thinking positive in that they earn a Wild Card berth. Worst case scenario, nothing comes together and the Jets’ offense is utterly terrible. Their defense will be good but not good enough to make a rebounding season worth anything as the Jets will end up as a 6-10 team with the Patriots and Dolphins battling it out to win the AFC East.

CF: Thanks for stopping by Musket Fire, Luis. You guys do some great stuff over there at JetPress.

LT: Thanks a lot for the opportunity Connor as this was fun! Keep up the great work here at the Musket Press and I look forward to seeing the Jets and Patriots play this upcoming season!

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