The Patriot Way: New England Patriots News, 7/20


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Quick-hit thoughts around the Patriots, NFL

Field Yates-ESPN Boston

"The Patriots have a track record of success with low-risk veteran free-agent signings that pan out to yield a favorable return. Wide receiver Brandon Gibson — inked to a one-year deal this offseason following two seasons in Miami — feels like the type of player who could fit that mold. Gibson’s deal included just $40,000 guaranteed, with a base salary of $825,000. It also included a reporting bonus (to training camp) for $40,000, making Gibson the lone Patriot with such a bonus in his contract for 2015. Reporting bonuses are not entirely uncommon around the league (both the Lions and Chiefs have four players apiece with them in their contracts for 2015), but we haven’t seen a ton of them traditionally within the Patriots’ contract structures. The bonus doesn’t guarantee Gibson a roster spot come the start of the regular season, but it’s a nice additional paycheck to collect at the outset of camp."

DeflateGate: What Roger Goodell Should Say

Rich Hill-Pats Pulpit

"New York, NY- [Roger Goodell approaches the podium]Hi everyone, glad you all could make it. We’re here today to discuss an event that was blown way out of proportion, and we’re going to discuss the processes that are going to be improved moving forward.First, I’ve come to a decision with regards to Tom Brady’s appeal over his role in the questioned ball pressure of footballs during the AFC Championship game. I have come to determine that through extensive research and analysis, it is inconclusive whether or not the footballs were tampered with, and as a result we cannot levy a penalty. There were issues with the procedures of football preparation and security, as well as measurements, that led to a report that raised additional questions."

Best of the Belichick Era: Number 9 — Rob Gronkowski

Tom Curran-CSNNE

"So check this out…in May, Gronk turned 26. In his five-year NFL career he has 61 touchdowns in 73 NFL games (including playoffs). That’s .83 TDs/Game. In 189 games, San Diego’s Antonio Gates has scored 100 touchdowns (.53 TDs/Game). Surefire Hall of Fame Tony Gonzalez? He scored 115 in 277 games (.42). If Gronk can have their longevity – a large “if” for a player who’s been cut open way too much already – he won’t be threatening their tight end records. He’ll be a threat to get into the top five all-time and will retire the belt as the best tight end in NFL history. That’s why Gronk is here in my Top 10 and players such as Willie McGinest and Rodney Harrison with more rings and leadership are behind Gronk. They were not threats to the record books. Gronk is. And he hasn’t even been fully healthy for an entire season yet."