Suspensions Prove Goodell is Cracking


After the onslaught of suspensions that were handed out a few days ago, it is pretty clear that Commissioner Goodell is falling apart in front of us. It could be a distraction from Deflategate, or it could just show his incompetence.

3 fairly well known players were suspended last week: Antonio Gates, Sheldon Richardson and Rolando McClain. Also, Datone Jones was suspended. Gates, Richardson and McClain all got a 4 game suspension, while Jones only got 1. They were all suspended for the same offense: use of a ”banned” substance. Goodell doesn’t care about the semantics of the item that caused the positive test, he only want to do what he’s always done : stand in the spotlight while simultaneously hiding behind the ‘player safety’ blanket.  Why can’t Goodell even get the suspensions right? Jones should have gotten 4 games as well, but alas, Goodell doesn’t have the ability to make use of any guidelines. He just does whatever he feels like.

Remember, when Brandon Spikes was with the Patriots, he was suspended for using his A.D.D. medication because it had a chemical that the NFL banned. Spikes had a prescription from his doctor for the medication, and still he got suspended. What a joke. If this isn’t a sign of Goodell’s inability to use guidelines set forth I don’t know what is. He’s easily the worst commissioner in sports that still has a job. He won’t step down no matter how many times he screws up a situation. Instead, he just digs his heels in until he is made a fool of in court over and over.

This could be an attempt to try to get the media to ignore the Tom Brady situation because it’s probably going to court. I foresee Goodell lowering Brady’s suspension to 2 games, but Brady wants the suspension totally lifted. So court, here we come. I hope that the rest of the NFL, and all of its fans are behind Brady in one final attempt to drive Goodell out of the NFL; after all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I hope that you all decide to back Brady and rid the NFL of an incompetent oaf once and for all.