New England Patriots: Bill Belichick Shows His Genius By Not Signing Rolando McClain


If you have not heard by now, the NFL has suspended linebacker Rolando McClain for violating its substance abuse policy. McClain’s suspension is for four games, meaning he will come back just in time to face off with the New England Patriots in week five.

McClain was a free agent this offseason, and a lot of Patriots fans (including myself) were clamoring for the team to sign him. New England has the best starting trio of linebackers in the entire league, but they needed some depth, which is why I thought McClain could fit in nicely. He is a very talented player, but has had off the field issues, which is why a lot of teams were hesitant to sign him.

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My feeling was the Pats should give him a low risk, high reward type of deal, so if he screwed up in the slightest they could cut bait and have no issues. With that said, I also thought McClain was on the right path in his career, and his off the field problems were a thing of the past. Well, as it turns out, I was dead wrong about that, as he violated the substance abuse policy, which is the definition of off the field problems. Patriots fans thought he could work out just fine, but Bill Belichick knew better, proving once again why he is the greatest coach of all time.

We don’t question Belichick in moves like these, as he is more often than not right. Sometimes he does things we don’t agree with, but overall this guy knows what he is doing, and along with the greatest quarterback in history, that is the reason why the Patriots have been so successful for so long.

Have fun serving your suspension, McClain. You’ll be back just in time for Tom Brady to rip your defense to shreds.