New England Patriots: 6 July Thoughts

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

We still don’t know if Tom Brady’s suspension will be reduced, so it’s not yet clear how much a non-Brady quarterback will be playing for the Patriots in the beginning of 2015. But it’s more likely than not that either Garoppolo or Flynn will start against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1.

The smart money is on Garoppolo because all signs point toward him being the Patriots’ quarterback after the Brady era. He showed flashes in limited action as a rookie, and every Patriots fan from Boston to Bangor is excited to see how he develops. One, two, three or four games—it doesn’t matter—Garoppolo will gain valuable experience should he fill-in for Brady.

But then there’s the veteran Flynn, who boasts much more NFL playing experience than the young arm of Garoppolo. Through eight seasons, Flynn has amassed 2,541 yards, 17 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions.

Flynn has bounced aroung the league, from Green Bay to Seattle, then back to Green Bay, then over to Oakland, then back to Green Bay again before signing with the Patriots this summer. He’ll probably sign with Green Bay again before his career is over.

Garoppolo has the upper hand because of his experience in the Patriots’ complicated offensive system, so expect him to start against the Steelers in Week 1 should Brady still be suspended.

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