NFL Rumors: Tom Brady vs. Roger Goodell Headed To Court?


Once I heard moron Roger Goodell would be hearing Tom Brady’s appeal, I knew this thing would be headed to court. Brady will not accept anything less than a complete reduction of his four-game suspension, and the likelihood of that happening with Goodell is next to zero.

And now Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston (AKA the Brady of sports journalism) expects Brady to go to court, and when Reiss says something like that, he is correct 99.99% of the time.

"The theme of the Patriots’ 2014 Super Bowl season was “on to Cincinnati”, and if I had to sum up my thoughts following quarterback Tom Brady’s appeal hearing last Tuesday in front of arbitrator Roger Goodell, it would be “on to the courts.” Goodell might ultimately be willing to reduce Brady’s four-game suspension, but the possibility he’d fully vacate it seems closer to a Hail Mary. If that’s the case, Brady, led by attorney Jeffrey Kessler, probably will continue the fight in court."

Once this case gets turned over to actual intelligent people, Brady’s camp should wipe the floor with the NFL. The Wells Report is flawed in every way possible, and the punishment handed down by the NFL was way too harsh as well. Everyone seems to forget that the Chargers and Vikings were both accused of “doctoring” footballs in a way, they were each given a fine, and a warning, respectively.

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So where does the NFL get off handing down a 4-game suspension, a loss of a first round draft pick, and a $1 million fine to the Patriots for something they may have, or may not have done? I can’t wait to see Goodell and company emasculated in front of the whole country once this thing goes to court.

You don’t mess with


Tom Brady. The NFL will pay for what they have done.