NFL Power Rankings: June Edition

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Steven Ryan-USA TODAY Sports

<p>Perhaps the most difficult team in the NFL to predict, the Giants reside at No. 25 in this ranking because of their lousy 2014 record of 6-10. Improvements were made, such as the drafting of the 2015 class’ best safety, Landon Collins. And the thought of Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham Jr. playing alongside each other is enough to make any Giants fan jump out of their chair. Until the NFC East picture becomes less muddied, however, the Giants will be staying put in the land of mediocrity.</p> <p>Super Bowl XLIX champions Shane Vereen and Johnathan Casillas both signed with the Giants during free agency.</p> <p><span style=. NFC East. 2014: 6-10. New York Giants. 25. player. 31

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