NFL Power Rankings: June Edition

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10. <p>You might be a bit surprised to see the Texans ranked this high, but think about it. Jadaveon Clowny and J.J. Watt will wreak enough havoc on opposing quarterbacks to usually keep games within the Texans’ reach. Regardless of which Tom Brady disciple is playing quarterback for the Texans, DeAndre Hopkins, Cecil Shorts and Jaelen Strong will be a tall order for any secondary. If the Colts aren’t careful, the Texans will creep up behind them in the AFC South race.</p> <p>In what was the saddest development of the offseason, former Patriots’ defensive tackle Vince Wilfork took a juicier deal and signed with the Texans.</p> <p><span style=. AFC South. 2014: 9-7. Houston Texans. 13. player

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