Tom Brady’s Deflategate Appeal Went ‘Very Well’


According to Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston (in addition to a separate report by Adam Schefter), it sounds like Tom Brady‘s appeal yesterday went very well for the quarterback.

This is what Reiss had to say:

"“I reached out to someone just recently that had a direct line into that room [where the appeal was being heard], close to Tom Brady. Their feeling was that it went very well this morning, but also an acknowledgement that the NFL holds all the cards here.”"

This goes along with what Schefter reported, as he said that Brady’s performance was an “A+,” and he was very convincing, and gave explanations for everything that has unfolded over the last couple of months. Brady’s attorney Jeffrey Kessler added “I think we put in a very compelling case,” when asked about the hearing.

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What does this mean for Brady? Well, to me, not much. Everything sounded like it went well for 12, but before you get your hopes up, please remember who we are dealing with. Roger Goodell is the biggest moron in the sports world, so expecting him to use logic and common sense is probably too much to ask. Everyone with half a brain knows the Wells Report is bogus, and even if Brady did deflate those footballs, the punishment was far too harsh. But Goodell only sees it his way, which is Brady is a bad person, and the Patriots are the evil empire that cheats every chance they get.

We will likely have to wait a good amount of time before moron Goodell makes a decision, as generally the NFL takes its sweet time in making a ruling on these appeals. I think we are still headed to court, because the only way Brady will stop the fight is if Goodell completely reduces the suspension, which will not happen.