Tom Brady Was Very ‘Persuasive’ In Appeal, Per Adam Schefter


Yesterday was Tom Brady‘s appeal hearing for his four game suspension for his “role” in deflate-gate, a hearing that lasted over 10 hours in New York City. We probably won’t hear Roger Goodell’s ruling for quite some time (because he’s a moron), but the great Adam Schefter did give us some uplifting news yesterday regarding Tom Brady’s performance in the hearing.

From ESPN:

"No details of the hearing were immediately available but a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that “Tom Brady’s greatest ally today was Tom Brady.”Sources also told Schefter that Brady came off as very genuine, earnest, and persuasive, addressing every issue raised in the league-sanctioned Wells report.One of the sources called it “an A+ performance.”"

Now, before you all get excited about Brady’s chances in this appeal, let’s remember that this is the NFL we are talking about. When they should use logic, they go in a completely different direction, because they are idiots with no brainpower whatsoever. Roger Goodell approved the four game suspension of Brady, and then decided that he was an appropriate INDEPENDENT arbitrator for the appeal hearing. That proves the kind of idiocy Brady is dealing with.

With that said, it is nice to hear that the GOAT himself can not only come through on the field, but also in situations like this. Anyone with a brain can tell that the Wells Report is bogus, and there is no evidence that Brady deflated those footballs (although even if he did, all that warrants is a fine), but because Ted Wells and Roger Goodell are incredibly dumb, Brady had to put together a great performance in that testimony to try and get his suspension vacated.

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The rulings in NFL appeals generally take a long time, as Greg Hardy has been waiting nearly a month for his ruling in his domestic violence case. So for now, all we can do is sit back, and wait for a ruling to come down.

I have been saying from the start that the minute Goodell appointed himself as the independent arbitrator we would be going to court, and my opinion hasn’t changed. Brady won’t accept anything less than getting his suspension completely reduced, and the chances of good ole’ Rog doing that are very slim.