New England Patriots: ‘Deflategate’ Latest


The Patriots signed veteran QB Matt Flynn as they prepare for life without Tom Brady. In the event that Brady’s appeal for deflategate does not go over well on June 23rd, the team will have someone to sit behind Jimmy G. Aside from the Patriots signing Flynn, an independent study was done and posted by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and first mentioned on Bleacher Report. The link is here. The link takes you to AEI’s pdf article about Deflategate.

A little bit about the article in case you are reading this from your phone or tablet: first off, the pdf will download if you don’t have a pdf viewer on your device. Second, the article has many charts and graphs that talk about all kinds of tests that were done.

The thing that I took from this 16 page ‘screw you’ to Ted Wells is that there are several holes all through out the report (like everyone has been saying). The results that Wells came to were also scrutinized by this report (as well as the New York Times in another study and report). The fact that the Colts balls were 1) not checked right away and 2) not fully checked (they didn’t get through all the Colts’ balls) leaves gaping holes that were inspected with a fine tooth comb.

AEI check the balls with 3 different PSI indicators and all 3 came to different results, so there is no way that everything is 100% concrete (as Wells himself said). “Probably” isn’t good enough to fine and suspend someone, especially now that SEVERAL different, independent tests have been done that almost proves Wells’ report was not independent or factual. When university professors and major news sites are coming out in support of Tom Brady, people should pay attention. Right now, the only people that care are Patriots fans and Patriots haters. So, it wouldn’t make sense to waste time and effort to run a study and publish it unless there is some validity to the Patriots’ claims that they did nothing wrong.

So, if you want, give this report a read and tell me what you think. I’ve thought that this is a pathetic attempt to deface the Patriots from the start, after all the Colts were only “”AFC Finalists” and they didn’t even put up a fight, so you gotta point the finger at someone, right?