The New England Patriots Should Release Brandon Spikes


Yesterday it was reported that New England Patriots’ linebacker Brandon Spikes had evidently abanded a car on I-495, shortly after another car had been rear-ended in the very same area.

Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston has the details:

"A car with front-end damage registered to New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes was found abandoned on I-495 in Foxborough early Sunday morning, according to Massachusetts State Police spokesman David Procopio.Shortly before 3:30 a.m. ET Sunday, police responded to a report of a 2011 Mercedes Maybach in the median strip of I-495. Police said they were notified by a representative of the OnStar on-board navigation system that the driver reported hitting a deer."

Now, this thing isn’t offical, and charges haven’t been filed, but I would be extremely surprised if Spikes comes out of this looking innocent. Hitting a car isn’t a bad thing, but abandoning that car, and not owning up to it, and then actually hurting three people is a horrible thing, and it sure sounds like Spikes is guilty.

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With that in mind, I think the New England Patriots should release Brandon Spikes right now. I was all for bringing him back because I thought he would provide solid depth behind the best starting combination in the league (Jamie Collins, Jerod Mayo, Dont’a Hightower), but if Spikes isn’t going to behave off the field, he isn’t worth the hassle. I love his physicality, and he is one of the best run stopping ‘backers in the NFL, but it isn’t worth dealing with any issues he has outside of football.

Spikes is far from a perfect player, particularly his pass defense, which is just putrid, especially when tasked with shadowing a running back or tight end. Bill Belichick and company should cut bait now, and look for depth at linebacker elsewhere.

Prayers out to the three that were injured in the car crash. Hopefully they will be okay.