The New England Patriots Should Not Bring Back Wes Welker


Wes Welker is one of the most prolific pass catchers in Patriots history but, a reunion between the two will only happen in Welker’s dreams. Welker has no one to blame but himself for the way he burned that bridge. He had a controversial exit after the 2012 season as he played the role of the typical veteran expecting a pay raise for what he has done, apose to what he will do in the future. Don’t get me wrong, just because a player leaves for a simple pay raise doesn’t burn the bridge. It’s how Welker left, how much he left for, and whom he left to play with that left such a foul taste in all of Patriots fans mouths.

The Patriots offered Welker a two-year, 10-million-dollar-deal before free agency started for the 2013 season. He turned it down to test his value in free agency and ended up signing to the Broncos on a two-year, 12 million dollar deal. That’s where the low blow took place. He not only left, but left to go play with Tom Brady‘s rival Peyton Manning for just one more million dollars per season.

One more million is all it took to persuade you to leave Brady? All that shows was that he just wanted to stick it to Bill Belichick, because it clearly wasn’t solely about money. Now, if the Broncos offered him three more million per year that would be a different story but, one million shouldn’t have been enough to persuade you to leave the quarterback that made his career. Welker went from a nobody to what everyone wanted in a prototypical slot receiver thanks to Brady.

Then, when you analyze the roster, there isn’t a spot for Welker anyway. The Patriots already have two receivers who are bigger, faster, younger, and share the same skill set as Welker with Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola. So adding him to the mix would be redundant. Especially with his recent health concerns and big-game butter fingers. I won’t even get into that cheap shot on Aqib Talib during the 2013 AFC Championship game. Welker hopped on the Broncos bandwagon in hopes of beating the Patriots on the way to  Superbowl 48 but, got his rear-end handed to him by Kam Chancellor during the Seahawks rout of the Broncos.

I’m sure he is salty that his former team came back with a Super Bowl run of their own to beat the team that decimated him and Manning. May I add that it was so sweet watching his replacement make big catch after big catch to get a ring of his own. Welker definitely would’ve coughed up the ball if Chancellor hit him the way he hit Edelman and Edelman’s go ahead touchdown was just the cherry on top. To this point in his career, outside of regular season dominance, he has two of the worst Super Bowl losses in history on his resume along with one of the biggest drops in history in another.  So choke on it Welker, don’t beg to come back now. Edelman has all but erased your memory.